Collection: A Sunburned Land Series

"This series has to be one of the best Christian series I have ever read. I could not put these books down."

A divorced reporter on a remote assignment. An alluring cattleman who captures her heart…

Reporter Maggie Donovan is crushed after her husband of 35 years leaves her for a younger woman. But when she visits a remote Australian cattle station for an assignment, widower Frank Goddard captures her heart. Can God guide Maggie and Frank toward a second chance at love?

A Sunburned Land Series, a mature-age Christian romance, is set in the beautiful, rugged and remote Kimberley region of northern Australia. Fall in love with Frank and Maggie today.

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  • Book 1: Slow Road to Love

    A divorced reporter on a remote assignment. An alluring cattleman who captures her heart…

    Maggie Donovan, a city-based reporter for the Country Women’s Magazine, strives to move past her resentment towards her ex-husband, focusing on her job, children, and church.

    Meanwhile, Frank Goddard, still grieving his wife Esther's tragic death six years ago, finds solace in his family and faith at his northern Australian cattle station, Goddard Downs, unaware of his own loneliness.

    Assigned to report on women in remote cattle stations, Maggie is drawn to the Kimberley area, where she unexpectedly falls for the compelling Frank Goddard.

    Despite the challenges of distance, dangerous roads, complex lives, and the nuances of dating later in life, Maggie and Frank explore the possibility of a new beginning together.

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  • Book 2: Slow Path to Peace

    Married at last, life is bliss for Frank and Maggie, until storm clouds gather over Goddard Downs

    Frank and Maggie are enjoying married life, but all is not well on the home front.

    The whole family’s livelihood comes under threat when the government declares a ban on live cattle exports.

    How will they survive? Will they lose everything they’ve worked so hard for?

    Serena used to be young and beautiful. Now, her face is scarred for life.

    Will there ever come a time when she can look in the mirror and not be repulsed by her horrid, charred skin?

    Will she ever see herself as God sees her? As a precious, much-loved daughter of the King?

    David is riddled with guilt. He thought that caring for Serena would assuage that guilt. It didn’t. Maybe fighting a raging fire will help.

    Unless he dies in the process.

    But what does it matter now that Serena has rejected him?

    Maggie longs to help her daughter find peace, but can she balance her new marriage to Frank at the same time?

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  • Book 3: Slow Ride Home

    He’s a cowboy who’s lost his way. She’s a daughter who’s lost her home.

    Joshua Goddard has lived in the shadow of his father and brother all his life. He wants more from life than simply taking tourists on overnight cattle drives.

    Stella Martin has done her best to keep her family’s cattle station afloat, but the bank has had enough and her parents have given up.

    However, Indigo Downs is her home and she’ll do what she can to get it back. Even if it means taking a job at Goddard Downs.

    She won’t lose her heart to Joshua Goddard, the good-looking cowboy she met at the rodeo. He’s no good for her. He doesn’t share her faith. It can’t work.

    But maybe it can… if he would only allow God to heal his deep-seated hurts, maybe they can both find the love they’ve been searching for.

  • Book 4: Slow Dance at Dusk

    A death, a wedding, and a change of plans…

    The Goddard family is in shock. One of their own is dead.

    How can they go on?

    Who will run the station?

    The tragedy casts doubt on Frank and Maggie's retirement plans, as they ponder whether to guide their family through this difficult time.

    Joshua, grappling with grief, is at a crossroads: can he overcome his sorrow to take on a leadership role at the station and pursue his romantic interests?

    Amidst these challenges, the family learns that change, while difficult, can bring growth and renewed hope, as they rely on their faith and each other to navigate this transformative period.

  • Book 5: Slow Trek to Triumph

    A road trip, a new romance, and a fresh start…

    Frank and Maggie have finally set off on their much-awaited and longed-for road trip. They relish the time together, exploring new places, meeting new people.

    But their trip is interrupted when Frank grows ill.

    How could this have happened? He was the epitome of health. Will he survive? Will they need to return home? What are God’s plans?

    Meanwhile, more changes are underfoot at Goddard Downs.

    Sean has returned and has his eyes on Elizabeth, but does Elizabeth have her eyes on him?

    Can he truly give up his wild ways like Joshua did?

    Is David’s suggestion of building a bridge really a possibility? Or is it a pipe dream?

    And can Janella leave Goddard Downs and embrace a new career and a new home?

  • Book 6: Christmas at Goddard Downs

    A Christmas celebration, an engagement in doubt…

    Maggie and Frank eagerly await their family's Christmas reunion at their cattle station, especially since Frank's heart attack has made family time precious.

    Expectations are high with potential engagement announcements: Janella with Wade, and everyone anticipating Sean's proposal to Elizabeth.

    However, Sean, now co-manager of Goddard Downs, grapples with self-doubt and his father's critical words, fearing he's not good enough for Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Elizabeth grows tired of waiting for Sean.

    Tempted by an opportunity to travel and nurse globally, she questions her future with Sean and considers skipping the family Christmas.

    Amidst these crossroads, the story explores whether Sean can overcome his fears to commit to Elizabeth, and if she will choose love or a life of travel. This Christmas could mark a pivotal moment in their lives.

What readers say about A Sunburned Land Series

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "This is a beautiful story about a second chance at love. It is full of emotions and God's love. It will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next. This book was a joy to read." Ann

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "I absolutely loved this series . I hated for it to end. The characters were all so believable and the storyline drew me in. I felt a part of the Goddard family. Juliette Duncan is my new favorite author." Janice V

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "You just felt you knew the main characters, like you were part of the family. You walked through their joys and their sorrows, triumphs and defeats. I really hated to see it end." Barbara W

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