"The books in this series are short snippets of life that remind you God is in control even when things around us are going awry"

The Potter's House Series contains nine stories linked by theme. While each book stands alone, you'll be uplifted and encouraged, and left in awe of God's amazing grace and mercy.

You'll laugh and cry as these stories 'touch your heart and soul', but most of all, you'll be blessed.

  • Omnibus 1

    Blessings of Love

    The Homecoming


  • Omnibus 2

    The Hope We Share

    When Love Abounds

    Love's Healing Touch

  • Omnibus 3

    Melody of Love

    Whispers of Hope

    Promise of Peace


  • Blessings of Love

    Skye Matthews, a devoted nurse and pastor's daughter, is in love with Scott Anderson, the town's most eligible bachelor. Although he treats her well, Skye worries about his commitment to God. She suggests a mission trip to Burkina Faso, jeopardizing Scott's career plans. As they grapple with this decision, their faith will be tested, and they'll confront unexpected truths.

    Will their love and faith withstand the trials ahead, guiding them toward God's plan for their lives?

  • The Homecoming

    Kayla McCormack, a music industry sensation with everything she desires, crosses paths with Dane Carmichael, a wounded war veteran dedicated to mentoring church teens. When Kayla returns home due to a family crisis, their connection rekindles. Dane's simple faith intrigues and unsettles her, prompting her to question her lifestyle. Meanwhile, she harbors a painful secret, struggling to forgive herself. As she's drawn closer to God, much like Dane's pottery work, she learns about His forgiving and loving nature.

  • Unchained

    Sally Richardson had it all – a devoted husband, two kids, a beautiful home, and a tight-knit community. But when her husband, Brad, is sentenced to five years in jail for fraudulent activities, Sally is devastated. How could she not have known about his deceit? Can she ever trust him again?

    Brad, now locked up with hardened criminals, seeks redemption through faith. Can he convince his family of his genuine remorse? As their perfect life crumbles, will they lose not only everything they held dear but each other as well?

  • The Hope We Share

    Rachel Jennings flees an unhealthy relationship and heads north with her son, Joshua. Arriving in the sleepy coastal town of Coral Bay, she hopes she can build a new life.
    Andrew Daley has travelled a similar road. Arriving at Coral Bay three years earlier, he’s since found peace and purpose amongst the caring group of Christians and is now trusting God with his future.
    Thrown together in a work situation, the pair become friends, but when she receives bad news from home, Rachel’s fledgling faith is challenged.
    Will she once again blame God? Can she open her heart fully and allow Him to give her a hope and a future? And can hers and Andrew’s relationship last the distance when they’re miles apart?

  • When Love Abounds

    Megan and Wes’s perfect marriage comes under fire when he begins working longer hours and she becomes irritable and needy.
    How can she lead a spiritual disciplines course in her women’s group at church when God seems so far away, and her spirit, so dry?
    Wes is doing his best for his family. He’s working long hours, but it’s only for a season.
    Why can’t Megan see that?
    Will their marriage survive when Megan seems so ambivalent? How has this happened when they’re the model couple at church? It doesn’t seem possible.
    Can God touch both their souls and save their marriage?

  • Love's Healing Touch

    After being betrayed by her husband and best friend, Melanie has finally found peace. She loves her new role as a midwife at the Coral Bay Memorial Hospital, and she feels blessed to have such a supportive group of friends at her local church.
    But they’re all married.
    That doesn’t worry her until she meets Dr. Sebastian Donohue.
    Seb has issues of his own. A widower raising a disabled son with the help of his mother, he’s juggling too many balls, and all is not well with his soul.
    Can God reach deep inside his heart and draw him back to the fold?
    Can Melanie learn to trust again after being so badly betrayed?

  • Melody of Love

    When Melody Grayson escapes a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship, she flees with her four-year-old son to her brother’s home in the seaside town of Windmaroo.
    Broken and scarred, she starts rebuilding her life amongst the tightly knit Christian community.
    And with the help of her brother’s best friend, Tim Rogers.

    Tim lost his wife and unborn child in a car accident four years earlier. He finds solace in surfing, and in his band, Heaven Bound. He’s still grieving his loss, but he knows that God has a plan for his life. When he meets Melody, he wonders if she might be part of it.
    When an awful accident occurs, Melody and Tim are thrust together, but can she learn to trust God and open her heart to love?

  • Whispers of Hope

    When Luke Grayson lost his leg in a shark attack, he also lost his faith.
    How could God have allowed this to happen?
    Now, he could lose everything – his wife, his children, his house, his job, simply because he’s in a miry pit of self-pity and depression he can’t climb out of.
    Twelve months after the attack, Rachel has reached the end of her tether. She’s been patient with her husband. She’s taken a job to pay the bills. She’s been mother and father to their two children. But she’s tired and doesn’t know how much longer she can continue.
    Why can’t Luke wear his prosthesis and get on with life?
    When she meets a woman on a desolate beach, she wonders if God has heard her prayers.
    Can Luke’s heart be healed, their marriage restored, and their faith renewed?

  • Promise of Peace

    When Hayley Fisher returns to Windmaroo after discovering her long-term boyfriend has cheated on her, she’s troubled and disillusioned.
    Not only has she failed in love, her artwork isn’t selling, the shack she’s living in is falling down, and her old van is dying. What more could go wrong?
    With little hope of involvement in his daughter’s life, Zach Donovan returns to Windmaroo to care for his aging grandparents. Although he’s made mistakes, he’s a Christian and he knows God’s forgiveness. But his life lacks something. Or someone.
    At Windmaroo’s Saturday markets, he bumps into his old school buddy, Hayley Fisher. Was this meeting orchestrated by God? Could she be the one he’s been waiting for?
    Will Hayley open her heart to God and allow Him to restore her life and give her peace Can Zach let go of the past and trust God with his future?

What readers say about The Potter's House Books

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "Juliette Duncan Is one of my favorite writers. She writes good Godly books based on the Bible and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes. In this day & age that takes a lot of faith! Her books are outstanding! She writes good love stories & good Christian stories all at the same time. Her books are a blessing to read & I always look forward to reading them. She knows how to get your attention & keep it until the end. I really can’t say enough good things about her writing." ECPD

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "I have been a fan of Juliette Duncan’s writing for some time now, and this series was so great! Juliette, in each of the these books, mixed romance with faith. I loved the characters, and how characters from previous books of this series were part of the next story. I also love how principles of the Bible were woven into the stories in a very easy to understand way. The characters had real life problems and experiences which made each story believable. I highly recommend this series!!!" Ruth R

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "These books have been a real blessing to me. They have touched my heart and soul. They truly are stories of Hope, Redemption and Second chances. They brought tears to my eyes and hope to my spirit. I thank God for a christian author like you. May God continue to bless you as you write more wonderful stories of God’s love and goodness."