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Because Of You - Book 2 The Water's Edge Christian Romance Series (Audiobook)

Because Of You - Book 2 The Water's Edge Christian Romance Series (Audiobook)

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Because of You is Book 2 in the Water’s Edge Christian Romance Series, a contemporary Christian Romance series set in the coastal fictional town of Water's Edge, south of Sydney.
Bubbly Willow Kelley has never had a reason to not trust God — until her husband leaves her for another woman after only one month of marriage. As she navigates her broken heart, devastating news will upend her family’s life… 'A captivating inspirational read.'

Narrated By Juliette Duncan

When dreams are shattered, can hope be re-found?

After enduring the heartache of a failed marriage, Willow Kelley finds herself struggling to move forward and rediscover her faith in God's plan for her life. Amidst her journey, she encounters Declan Ross, a newcomer to Water's Edge, who brings unexpected challenges and opportunities for healing and growth. As they navigate their own personal struggles, Willow and Declan's lives intertwine in ways that teach them about the importance of trust, the strength found in community, and the unending grace of God. This novel captures the essence of Christian faith while showcasing the healing power of love in the face of adversity.

"This book was a lovely work of fiction in a beautiful setting with gentle reminders of the goodness of the Lord. Everything truly is in His hands. This is my favorite kind of story."

"For anyone wishing to read a clean Christian romance, this is the one for you! I loved the scripture passages and the hymns. Best of all, how God works for the good of those who love Him."

"It started out a very unhappy story but turned into a happy love story. I know you will love it just as much as I did. It is kind of hard to tell you much about it without giving too much of it away. Just trust me if you love good clean love stories you will definitely want to read this one."

Chapter One - Look Inside

How could this have happened? How had she gotten it so wrong?
Jason had promised to love and cherish her, in sickness and in health, till death did they part.
Not just until his ex turned up and lured him away after one month of wedded bliss.
Tears were too good for him.
Numbness was her companion.
Her body, soul, and spirit were lifeless.
She read the Bible to gain comfort. If any were to be had.
But God had let her down.
She’d trusted Him. Or thought she had.
Hadn’t He brought Jason into her life?
Or had she followed her heart when Jason Allsopp came to town and swept her off her feet?
The past seven months played in her mind until she wasn’t sure what was real and what was made-up.
Had she only imagined she was in love?
She’d thought it was real. But what did she know? She’d never been in love before.
That day when she first laid eyes on him, her heart had flip-flopped like never before. His eyes were the colour of the sea, his hair, the colour of sand. Some said they could be twins.
He was new in town, and everybody loved him.
That’s what they did in Water’s Edge. Embraced new folk.
She fell for him after just one date. She’d been ready to fall in love. She knew it.
Her best friend had just married her brother, and she longed to have a love like theirs.
She’d acted recklessly.
Thrown rational thought aside.
Jumped in too quickly.
Convinced herself this was God’s plan.
But it wasn’t.
She didn’t know Jason. Not really.
She thought she did.
He’d sat beside her in church. They’d attended Bible study together. They prayed together.
He said he didn’t love Darlene anymore.
That it was over between them.
But it wasn’t.
So why had he married her?
Willow breathed in. And out.
Everyone uttered condolences. Told her time was a great healer. God would bring someone better along.
But she caught their sideways glances. Their quiet whispers.
They blamed her for the failed marriage. If she’d been wife enough for him, he wouldn’t have looked twice at Darlene.
She lived in Sydney, and although Willow had never met her, she’d heard things about the woman. Jason’s move to Water’s Edge was his fresh start.
He’d wanted to grow in the Lord.
Willow had never considered he might weaken and be drawn back to Darlene.
But he had.
Only one month after promising to love and cherish each other until death did they part, Willow watched her young marriage disintegrate.
She dropped her face into her hands, released a breath. Screamed into the darkness. “What did I do wrong, God? How did I end up in this situation? What’s wrong with me?”

Main Tropes

  • Christian Romance
  • Heartwarming
  • Inspiring
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What Readers Say....

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "This writer NEVER disappoints!' The fragility of life, the depth of hurt and trauma that most people go through, is described in a way that you experience it with the character.The newness and joy, also the questions on the faith journey are all handled with so much insight, that it even answers or explains it with much clarity!" MT

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "One thing I have always loved about these books are that the author is not afraid to take on real life problems. The characters lives are not perfect. I can empathize with them and find myself thinking I’d like to be their friend." CRT reader

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "This is another great series from this author. She likes to write about "real" life. She is not one to shy away from hard subjects. And, one thing I really like about this author, is the faith that runs throughout the story. I highly recommend these books." Mary S