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Juliette Duncan

Freed By His Love - Book 4 in The Heroes of Eastbrooke Christian Romantic Suspense Series (AUDIOBOOK)

Freed By His Love - Book 4 in The Heroes of Eastbrooke Christian Romantic Suspense Series (AUDIOBOOK)

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Audiobook Narrated by Jessie Sweeney



All his life, Eli Carlton has wanted to find his father’s killer and bring whoever is responsible to justice. Now he’s in the counter-terrorism squad, he’s getting closer to discovering the truth.

But although he won’t admit it, he’s lonely. All three of his brothers are happily married, but how can he expect anyone to be with him when he’s on the tail of international terrorists?

Young, beautiful, and naïve, Makayla Hausbaden is still coming to terms with being duped by her cousins whom she thought were genuine Christians. Nothing was further from the truth.

Now she doesn’t know who she can trust.

When she hitches a ride back to Melbourne with handsome Eli Carlton, the youngest of the Carlton clan, she immediately falls for him, but when they join forces to hunt down the White league, her family ties put her life in danger.

Will Eli be able to save her from the White League’s clutches, and will he finally admit his need of God and let go of his bitterness?

The Heroes of Eastbrooke series features clean, Christian, pulse-pounding romantic suspense in and around the picturesque town of Eastbrooke. Each book stands alone. Get your copy and listen now!


"This book is a gripping tale of the journey of faith we all must take. It is a love story with suspense, good guys and really bad guys all included. It is the story of a family growing together. It was hard to put down!" Sunshine Girl

"This was a great story, filled with action, suspense and faith filled moments as well!" Jenifer M

"Great story from beginning to joyful ending. God was ever present working His plan. Loved this book. Keep writing these inspiring books." Frances


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