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Juliette Duncan

The True Love & Precious Love COMPLETE SERIES Paperback Omnibus Bundle + bonus books & 4 Omnibuses (26 book bundle)

The True Love & Precious Love COMPLETE SERIES Paperback Omnibus Bundle + bonus books & 4 Omnibuses (26 book bundle)

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The ultimate collection of 26 Christian Romances to 'touch your heart and soul' and give you hours of reading pleasure!

  • This Bundle contains:

    All 7 print books from The True Love Series and the Precious Love Series in two paperback omnibuses

    The True Love Series:

    Book 1: Tender Love

    Book2: Tested Love

    Book 3: Tormented Love

    Book 4: Triumphant Love

    The Precious Love Series

    Book 1: Forever Cherished

    Book 2: Forever Faithful

    Book 3 : Forever His

    Two bonus books:

    Promises of Love


    The Time for Everything Series Omnibus:

    Book 1: A Time to Treasure

    Book 2: A Time to Care

    Book 3: A Time to Abide

    Book 4: A Time to Rejoice

    The Shadows Series Omnibus:

    Book 1: LingeringShadows

    Book 2: Facing the Shadows

    Book 3: Beyond the Shadows

    Book 4: Secrets and Sacrifice

    Book 5: A Highland Christmas

    The Heroes of Eastbrooke Series Omnibus:

    Book 1: Safe in His Arms

    Book 2: Under His Watch

    Book 3: Within His Sight

    Book 4: Freed By His Love

    The Billionaires with Heart Series Omnibus:

    Book 1: Her Kind-Hearted Billionaire

    Book 2: Her Generous Billionaire

    Book 3: her Disgraced Billionaire

    Book 4: Her Compassionate Billionaire

    Why am I selling my books at such a deep discount?

    Because I know how hard it is to find good, contemporary Christian romance books that don't take a surprise trip into the bedroom, or smash into gratuitous violence, or assault you with language you can't use in church.

    My passion is to provide God-honoring, clean and wholesome Christian books that will uplift and encourage my readers in this crazy world we're living in, at a fair price.

    About the books....

    • Book 1: Tender Love

      When puppy class leads to romance, can she love both the man and the angsty teen who comes with him?

      After a devastating breakup, veterinarian Tessa Scott is ready for a fresh start in life and love. When she meets kind-hearted Ben Williams at puppy class, there's an instant connection. But Ben comes with baggage—an angsty teenage son and lingering pain over his ex-wife's betrayal. As they grow closer, Tessa wonders if she’s ready to step into the role of instant mother and wife.

      Ben knows she’s the woman God intended for him, if only she can move past her doubts, but just when it seems they may have a future together, ghosts from his past threaten all he holds dear, including his relationship with Tessa.

      With faith and trust in God, can Ben and Tessa's tender new love withstand the storms of life? Will Jayden accept Tessa in his father's life? And will Ben find healing from his painful divorce?

    • Book 2: Tested Love

      A new marriage, a ready-made family, and a face from the past…

      No sooner do Ben and Tessa return from their honeymoon in Fiji than Ben’s teenage son, Jayden, reverts to his old, troubling habits. The honeymoon is definitely over.

      Tessa desperately wants to be a good mother, but Ben’s parenting style causes her a great deal of stress. Part of her wants to coddle Jayden, another wants to support Ben’s wishes. She can’t do both.

      As she frets over marrying Ben and taking on so much responsibility, a new challenge arises. How will Tessa and Ben cope when their worst fear is realized?

      Will they have the strength to power through and hold onto God’s graces or will the turmoil be enough to make their faith falter? Can this ready-made family remain together, especially now that their worst fear has come to fruition?

    • Book 3: Tormented Love

      A missing teenager… a marriage in turmoil

      When Ben and Tessa return from their holiday to New Zealand without Jayden, his absence takes an enormous toll on them both. Tessa becomes concerned that Ben will slip back into depression.

      They should trust God to bring Jayden home, but reminders of him are everywhere. It’s next to impossible.

      Tessa has an idea she believes is from God. This idea leads her and Ben half-way around the world. Although they meet some wonderful Christians who help them in their relationship with each other and with God, this journey doesn’t bring Jayden home.

      Meanwhile, Jayden thinks life will be better with his mother, but when reality sets in, he realizes he’s made a mistake.

      A mistake that could ruin his life.

      He wants to go home, but how can he leave his mother?

    • Book 4: Triumphant Love

      Now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love…

      At long last, a letter arrives from Jayden. Ben and Tessa are ecstatic and hopeful that their son will soon be home.

      But when they discover he has a girlfriend, that hope is quickly dashed. He’s smitten with Angela Morgan, and they fear he might never return. All they can do is pray.

      Meanwhile, after making the difficult decision to leave his mother, Jayden attaches himself to Angela’s family, but he neglects to tell them he’s in America illegally.

      He starts attending a Bible Study run by Angela’s youth group, but before he makes a decision to follow God, Jayden needs proof that God is real.

      As his heart slowly opens, Jayden faces the hardest decision of his life. If he decides to follow God, he’ll have to come clean and tell Angela the truth about himself, but if he does, will he lose her?

      Can he give up his first love for an even greater love?

    • Book 1: Forever Cherished

      Sometimes, the hardest person to love is yourself…

      Now Tessa's dream of living in the country is realized, she wants to share her and Ben's blessings with others, but when a sad, lonely woman comes to stay, Tessa starts to think she's bitten off more than she can chew, and has to rely on her faith at every turn.

      Leah Maloney is carrying a truck-load of disappointments from the past and has almost given up on life. Her older sister arranges for her to spend time at 'Misty Morn', but Leah is suspicious of her sister's motives.

      Unaware of the ramifications, Tessa helps Leah confront her past. She is shocked and sickened by what she discovers.

      Convinced that God can bring good out of the most diabolical of circumstances, Tessa trusts Him to work in Leah’s life. Can Tessa’s prayers and involvement help Leah to not only love herself, but to rekindle the love she thought she’d lost so many years ago?

    • Book 2: Forever Faithful

      One good deed could cost him his life... One error of judgment could cost her true love...

      Half a world separates them, but Jayden has never stopped loving Angie, the green-eyed, red-haired girl who captured his heart and led him to the Lord in the hills of Montana when he was only sixteen.

      Years later, when Jayden’s good deed lands him in a coma he may never wake from, Angie has no choice but to go to him.

      But Angie now has a boyfriend. A boyfriend who doesn’t understand her special friendship with Jayden. When he arrives on Jayden’s grandparents’ doorstep unannounced, she has to choose – Cole or Jayden.

      She can’t have both.

      After all they’d been through with Jayden in his younger years, his parents, Ben and Tessa, are struggling to understand how God could allow this to happen. He wouldn’t let Jayden die. Would He?

      And can they forgive the youth who did this to Jayden? As Christians, they should. But can they?

    • Book 3: Forever His

      A honeymoon made in heaven, a family fractured by fraud…

      Following their picturesque beach wedding in Hawaii, Jayden and Angie embark on a globe-trotting honeymoon, exploring wonders from the Himalayas to the Greek Islands. Amidst the adventure, Angie uncovers Jayden's risk-taking nature, challenging her to adapt or confront him. Post-honeymoon, they grapple with where to settle: Angie prefers Hunter’s Hollow, Montana, while Jayden leans towards Maryvale, Queensland, leading them to seek God's direction for their future.

      Back home, trouble looms for Jayden’s father, Ben, entangled in a fraud scandal at work. Despite his upright nature, Ben's involvement threatens their family property, 'Misty Morn', and risks his mental well-being. His wife, Tessa, is deeply concerned about Ben potentially relapsing into depression. In this trying time, their steadfast faith in God is their anchor, as they hope for a resolution that preserves their home and Ben's freedom.

    • Promises of Love

      A marriage proposal accepted in haste...a love she can't deny...

      When Harrison, a charming, handsome veterinarian surgeon proposes to Zoe, a promising medical student, on Christmas Day, she’s over the moon and in love.

      Less than two days later, she wonders if she’s made a mistake. Zoe had been ignoring God, but when her heart is stirred and her faith is rekindled, she’s faced with an impossible decision.

      An unplanned trip to Zoe’s family in drought-stricken rural Queensland provides more challenges when she discovers her parents may lose their family property within a matter of weeks.

      There was a time when Harrison refused to speak to his parents, but all that has changed, and all he wants now is a family of his own. Losing Zoe to Spencer Coleman, the dashing Royal Flying Doctor Pilot who flies off with Zoe and her Grandma on an emergency flight to the city, is his worst nightmare.

      Zoe and Harrison’s journey to the altar is not certain.She’s made two promises - which one can she keep? Or can she keep both? With compelling characters and surprising plot twists, this tender-hearted love story demonstrates God’s amazing promise of love when everything seems lost.

    • Unchained

      Imprisoned by greed – redeemed by love

      Sally Richardson has it all. A devout, hard-working, well-respected husband, two great kids, a beautiful home, wonderful friends. Her life is perfect. Until it isn’t.

      When Brad Richardson, accountant, business owner, and respected church member, is sentenced to five years in jail, Sally is shell-shocked. How had she not known about her husband’s fraudulent activity? And how, as an upstanding member of their tight-knit community, did he ever think he’d get away with it? He’s defrauded clients, friends, and fellow church members. She doubts she can ever trust him again.

      Locked up with murderers and armed robbers, Brad knows that the only way to survive his incarceration is to seek God with all his heart - something he should have done years ago. But how does he convince his family that his remorse is genuine? Will they ever forgive him?

      He’s failed them. But most of all, he’s failed God. His poor decisions have ruined this once perfect family.

      They’ve lost everything they once held dear. Will they lose each other as well?

    • Book 1: A Time for Everything

      She lost her husband and misses him dearly. He lost his wife but is ready to move on. Will a chance meeting in a foreign city change their lives forever?

      Widow Wendy Miller, whose life centers around her adult children, meets Bruce McCarthy, a harming silver-haired Texan cowboy, in Dublin.

      Both carrying past losses, they connect, feeling God might be offering them a second chance at love. As their encounters span London to Venice, their bond deepens.

      Bruce is ready for romance, but Wendy fears her children's acceptance. Confronting Bruce's health concerns and Wendy's trust in God’s plan, they explore the possibility of rediscovering love.

    • Book 2: A Time to Care

      They’ve tied the knot, but will their love last the distance?

      Wendy and Bruce's romance blossoms into marriage, and they begin a content life together in Sydney, but despite his love for Wendy, Bruce yearns for the countryside.

      When Wendy's youngest daughter, Paige, reveals her pregnancy and uncertain paternity, the couple, devoted Christian parents, welcome her. However, Paige's rebellious nature poses a challenge to their tranquil life.

      Wendy and Bruce face this new test, but will their love can withstand this unforeseen disruption?

    • Book 3: A Time to Abide

      When grief hovers like a cloud, will the sun ever shine again for Wendy?

      Wendy McCarthy, deeply familiar with grief, finds solace in her faith and the support of her cowboy husband, Bruce, who helps her navigate her complex emotions. Grateful for his presence, Wendy also draws strength from baby Elysha, whose arrival brings joy amidst sorrow.

      Her daughter Natalie and son-in-law Adam, preparing to bring Elysha home from the hospital, have their lives upended when the baby's father unexpectedly arrives.

      Amidst this turmoil, Wendy and her family must lean on prayer and trust in God's plan, hoping for a resolution that brings healing and joy back into their lives.

    • Book 4: A Time to Treasure

      He’s never forgiven himself for the accident that killed his mother. Can he find forgiveness and true love?

      Bruce McCarthy, deeply moved by his wife Wendy's experience with loss, aims to reconcile with his estranged son, Andrew, during their visit
      to his Texas ranch.

      Andrew, content with his life with Melody and her daughter,
      denies any void despite an underlying sense of something missing.

      Wendy, facing her own challenges after a horse-riding
      accident, urges Bruce to have faith in God's guidance.

      As she recovers, they
      both wonder if God can mend not just physical injuries but also the emotional rifts within their family.

    • Book 1: Lingering Shadows

      Born of wealth and privilege, Elizabeth Walton-Smythe's future should have been set in stone. The headstrong teacher and her minister beau should have been married. That was the plan, as far as Lizzy was concerned. But, that wasn't to be, and one fateful encounter with a roguish Irishman quickly alters Lizzy's future and sends her heart and her life into a tailspin.

      Marriage shouldn't have been an option, but in her haste to rebel and escape, it soon became her reality. Now, she's faced with a new, different kind of fateful decision. One which will test her faith and her resolve. With secrets from Daniel's past lurking and deep, dark secrets of her own to contend with, can the love that should have never been be salvaged, and will these two seemingly lost souls be able to endure the greatest challenge of their lives?

      This is a Christian romance, a story of passion, love, and of God's inexplicable desire to free people from pasts that haunt them, so they can live a life full of His peace, love and forgiveness, regardless of the circumstances.

    • Book 2: Facing the Shadows

      Book Two in "The Shadows Series" finds Lizzy in turmoil. Her heart aches for Daniel, who has yet to conquer his demons. As his downward spiral continues, Lizzy struggles to maintain her resolve and forge ahead on her own.

      With so much working against her, the reality of having to return home to the manor only enhances her sorrows. Lizzy knows the only way to win back control over all that haunts her is to face that which she has avoided for far too long, even if that means unearthing the truth behind her breakup with the minister, Mathew Carter.

      In order to continue her quest to move forward, Lizzy will have to draw strength from God and his healing touch, but only if her heart is ready to accept all that entails.

      Two souls united by circumstance, divided by pain, must pull themselves from the depths of despair and embrace all that is waiting for them, and welcome God's gracious intervention in their lives.

    • Book 3: Beyond the Shadows

      In Book Three of The Shadows Series, Lizzy and Daniel have settled nicely into their new life in the Lake District. Daniel is growing in his Christian faith and Lizzy couldn’t be more delighted.

      Life is wonderful for the young couple until Daniel receives devastating news that may lead to his undoing and challenge his sobriety.

      With temptation testing him, Daniel will have to draw on God’s strength and his family’s support to resist it or live with the fact that he’s not only failed himself but failed God. Lizzy and Daniel are put to the test.

      Can they withstand the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges they’ll face as they return to Ireland and face Daniel’s past?

      Is their love and their faith strong enough to pull them through or will the pressure tear them apart?

    • Book 4: Secrets and Sacrifice

      When Grace O’Connor arrives in the Scottish Highlands, she’s hiding a secret and trailing more baggage than she cares to admit.

      Grace’s sister, Brianna, has a history linked to Grace’s secret.

      There, amongst the rugged Scottish Highlands and a community of caring, loving Christians, Grace meets the handsome Ryan MacGregor, an ex-military Paratrooper with a history of his own.

      As the secrets of Grace’s past unravel and the sacrifices she’s made are thrown back at her, Grace faces the biggest decision of her life.

      As everything she has believed is turned upside down, Grace realizes that the walls she’s worked so hard at building have been for no reason whatsoever, and she now needs to discover who the real Grace O’Connor is.

    • Book 5: A Highland Christmas

      Brianna O’Connor had been looking forward to spending Christmas in Spain with her friend, Susan. Instead, she found herself in her sister’s car heading for the Scottish Highlands to spend it with family she barely knew.

      Andrew McKinnon had come to the Highlands to share Christmas, and a secret that was about to change his life forever, with his parents.

      Surrounded by family thrust together by Brianna’s well-meaning brother, Daniel, Brianna and Andrew are attracted to each other, something Brianna had never expected would happen. Bruised and damaged as a teenager, can she now trust God to overcome her distrust of men and open her heart to this softly spoken handsome Scotsman?

    • Book 1: Safe in His Arms


      Outdoor instructor Max Carlton lives a peaceful and tranquil life in the mountains. He’s not hiding, he simply loves the freedom wilderness living brings. The downside is that sometimes he has to deal with people.

      Including Junia Fox, the attractive case worker who arrives with a group of troubled teens for a week-long retreat.

      City dwelling Junia prays the retreat will be just what the teens need. She knows what it’s like to be misjudged and shunned. Plus, the week-long escape from the city might do her good as well.

      It’s a pity the ruggedly handsome instructor is so offhand and rude.

      Danger lurks in the mountains.

      Despite thir dislike for each other, Max and Junia are thrown together in a fight for survival when one of the teens
      places the whole group in danger. Can they get past their differences and learn to trust each other? Can Max protect Junia—and her carefully guarded heart?
      Or will his beloved mountains ultimately become their death trap?

    • Book 2: Under His Watch


      When a body washes up in the river outside of Eastbrooke, Deputy Police Chief Rob Carlton suspects foul play.

      The mountains near Eastbrooke run to the coast and offer a perfect smuggling route. Not just for drugs, but for weapons and human trafficking.

      Emma MacGowan, raised by missionary parents, is a primary school teacher and new to town. She might be lonely, but she’s steering clear of the handsome cop with a reputation for dating and dumping.

      Until she witnesses a murder.

      Then she has no choice but to trust him. Her life depends on it. And he needs her alive to convict the smugglers.

      Thrust together in a situation neither foresaw, can they get past their prejudices and even learn to like each other. Perhaps even fall in love?

      Can he prove to her he’s not the rogue she thought he was?

    • Book 3: Within His Sight


      When Holly Davidson, an up-and-coming city journalist, gets whiff of a cult in the mountains near Eastbrooke, she puts her life in jeopardy to investigate it. Donning old-fashioned gear to blend in, she soon discovers her hunch was right - it’s not the innocent group the members are portraying to the locals of the sleepy, picturesque town and something sinister is going on.

      Joseph Carlton heads up the Eastbrooke Mountain Rescue team but is restless as he struggles with a calling to enter the ministry. All four Carlton brothers work in manly, heroic jobs.

      How can he break with tradition?

      When he meets Holly on a routine mountain check, he senses she’s in danger and vows to watch over the attractive young woman.

      Having both been hurt in previous relationships, neither are interested in starting another despite the obvious chemistry between them, but when her life is in danger and they’re thrust together in a fight for survival, will they get past that hurt and learn to love again?

    • Book 4: Freed By His Love


      All his life, Eli Carlton has wanted to find his father’s killer and bring whoever is responsible to justice. Now he’s in the counter-terrorism squad, he’s getting closer to discovering the truth.But although he won’t admit it, he’s lonely.

      All three of his brothers are happily married, but how can he expect anyone to be with him when he’s on the tail of international terrorists?

      Young, beautiful, and naïve, Makayla Hausbaden is still coming to terms with being duped by her cousins whom she thought were genuine Christians. Nothing was further from the truth.

      Now she doesn’t know who she can trust.

      When she hitches a ride back to Melbourne with handsome Eli Carlton, the youngest of the Carlton clan, she immediately falls for him, but when they join forces to hunt down the White league, her family ties put her life in danger.

      Will Eli save her from the White League’s clutches, and will he finally admit his need of God and let go of his bitterness?

    • Book 1: Her Kind-Hearted Billionaire

      A reluctant billionaire, a grieving young woman, and the trip that changes their lives forever…

      Nicholas Barrington, weary of his siblings' selfishness in their inherited mining business, is drawn to a Bangkok mission during a church visit and decides tovolunteer.

      Meanwhile, Phoebe Halliday, mourning her fiancé Reed's death, embarks on a trip to Southeast Asia with her friend Holly, who's dedicated to helping trafficking victims. In Bangkok, they join a mission aiding rescued children.

      There, Nick and Phoebe meet and feel a mutual attraction, but Phoebe struggles with guilt over Reed. Nick soon realizes that even though he’s drawn to Phoebe, unless he shares her faith, they have no future other than friendship. But he won’t make a fake commitment - not even to snag the girl of his dreams.

      Can Phoebe let go of Reed and open her heart to new love,and can Nicholas open his heart to God and find not only new life, but a love he never dreamed existed?

    • Book 2: Her Generous Billionaire

      A grieving billionaire, a devoted solo mother, and a woman determined to sabotage their relationship…

      Marcus Alcott has all the money in the world, but it can’t bring back his beloved wife, Bree, who died of breast cancer five years earlier. He wonders why God allowed her to die, and doubts he’ll ever find true love again.

      Tiffany Harris is doing her best to raise her two children following an ugly divorce, working as a carer to make ends meet. One of her clients is a sweet older lady who’s confined to a wheelchair. Her son just happens to be Marcus Alcott.

      When Marcus needs a date for a charity ball, his mother suggests he takes Tiffany. He laughs at the idea, but when a face from the past appears and offers to go with him, he quickly decides Tiffany is the better option.

      What starts as a date of convenience quickly turns into something more, but after a disastrous first marriage, can Marcus let go of Bree and learn to love again?

      And can Tiffany learn to trust another man, even if that man has all the money in the world?

    • Book 3: Her Disgraced Billionaire

      A billionaire in jail, a nurse who cares, and the challenge that changes their lives forever...

      Mitchell Carmichael is set to receive a billion dollars on his 30th birthday, in the meantime, he’s spending his father’s fortune on women, booze and drugs. A night out with the famous actress, Kendra McKinnon, changes everything for him when he crashes his car & she’s not expected to live. Apart from being charged, her family sues him for everything he’s worth.

      Jenna Wainwright is the nurse assigned to care for Mitch during his stay in the hospital. She detests the pick-up lines he throws at her, but decides to pray for him and to show him a better way.

      When he’s released from the hospital, she challenges him to live like a normal person for two months. He thinks she’s crazy, but when his father threatens to disinherit him, he has to consider his options.

      Can he survive on next to nothing, and can he hold down a job when he’s never worked before in his life? Can he change his ways & let God’s love rule his life, even when he’s sent to jail?

      And can Jenna stop herself falling for him when she knows he’s completely not her type?

    • Book 4: Her Compassionate Billionaire

      A widowed billionaire with three young children. A replacement nanny who helps change his life…

      Since his beloved wife, Larissa, died of a brain tumour five years earlier, Jonathon Montgomery has immersed himself in his project development company because he doesn’t know how to handle his grief.

      The problem is, he has three young children who also desperately miss their mum. Now they miss him, too.

      When the children’s nanny resigns two weeks before Christmas, he panics and immediately places a job advertisement for a replacement.

      For the first time in her life, Ruth Taylor finds herself alone after her adult son leaves the nest to explore the world. She’s made some mistakes in her life, but this time she trusts God to lead her as she applies for the position of nanny to three young children.

      As Ruth slowly endears herself to the children and to Jonathon, a Christmas miracle is waiting to happen.

      But can Jonathon truly learn to love again? Can he embrace the Christmas spirit and allow God back into his heart? And can a long-lost dream finally come true for Ruth?

    • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      "Outstanding. I felt like a friend of this family. I enjoyed their personal relationships with the Lord and their growth through the challenges of life, their truthfulness about their feelings, doubts, and their struggles. My heart wept, rejoiced and laughed with these very real characters." Joann

    • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      "Awseome series! Heartwarming and exciting. A series with characters that capture your heart. Faith, laughter, sadness, despair etc, catches all emotions . I'm sad at the end of these books, because I wanted more!" Reader

    • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      "I have read almost all your books. I love reading them because of the Christian words from the Bible and the triumphs of the characters. So much violence in the world it’s good reading how to deal with these tragedies with God’s help and grace. Thank you!" Reader

    If you were to buy these paperback books separately on Amazon you'd pay over $400!

    Get this entire collection of 26 books including all 7 True Love and Precious books, 2 bonus books, and the 4 omnibuses containing 17 books, for just $140! (save over 60%!) INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING! (US Mailing Addresses only)

    About the author

    Juliette Duncan is a USA Today bestselling author of Christian romance stories that ‘touch the heart and soul’. She lives in Brisbane, Australia and writes Christian fiction that encourages a deeper faith in a world that seems to have lost its way. Most of her stories include an element of romance, because who doesn't love a good love story? But the main love story in each of her books is always God's amazing, unconditional love for His wayward children.

    Juliette and her husband enjoy spending time with their five adult children, and eleven grandchildren. When not writing, Juliette and her husband love exploring the wonderful world they live in.