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With You Beside Me - Book 3 in The Water's Edge Christian Romance Series

With You Beside Me - Book 3 in The Water's Edge Christian Romance Series

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With You Beside Me is Book 3 in the Water’s Edge Christian Romance Series, a contemporary Christian Romance series set in the coastal fictional town of Water's Edge, south of Sydney.
When doctor Anthony reluctantly takes a job in a small coastal town, he meets beautiful Francesca — a woman who has experienced her own fair share of tragedy. With God’s guidance, can they find the strength to open their hearts to new love? An uplifting Christian romance!

A doctor on a mission, a young woman wrestling with God, and an illness that touches the entire town…

Driven by a personal tragedy after his father's major stroke, Anthony Petersen's aspiration was to become a medical doctor, aiming to combat the early onset of such a devastating condition. However, life's unexpected turns land him far from his dream job in a bustling city hospital, positioning him instead as an assistant to an elderly doctor in the quaint, close-knit coastal town of Water’s Edge, a place where everyone's life is intertwined. Here, amidst his bewilderment at God's plan for him, Anthony encounters Francesca, whose radiant beauty and spirit challenge him to question whether her presence is the reason behind his unforeseen journey to Water's Edge.

Chapter One - Look Inside

As he drove into the township of Water’s Edge, Anthony Petersen’s heart sank. The sleepy seaside town south of Sydney was even tinier than he’d expected.
Ugh. Being a small-town doctor wasn’t what he’d hoped for in his first job after graduating, and he wouldn’t even be the primary doctor. He’d be working under Dr. Samuel Turner, a physician the town had relied on for years. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Did this sleepy joint even have enough people to justify two doctors?
He peered left and right as he passed a strip of shops and cafés, many brightened by cheery awnings, hanging baskets, and planter boxes filled with colourful blooms and serving as a buffer between the footpath and the road. Quaint. But he wasn’t after quaint.
The clinic was at the far end of the strip, and his heart sank further as he parked his Mazda 3 hatchback in front of a house. A freshly painted teal-blue house, but a house, nonetheless. A far cry from the modern city hospital he’d expected to be working in after six long years at university.
But beggars couldn’t be choosers, and he should be grateful he had a job. At least, he’d told himself that often enough. Maybe he’d start believing it soon.
Peeling his long legs out of the car, he stepped onto the footpath and stretched, then moved aside as a young woman pushing a pram walked by. She offered a shy smile.
He gave a nod. Hmm. Through the gap between the shops across the road, a sliver of blue sparkled. The ocean. If he strained his ears, was that whoosh the sound of waves? He might be imagining it, but he wasn’t imagining the salty tang in the air.
Hmph. Living near the sea might compensate for being overlooked for the research scholarship he’d wanted. Unlikely, but it had to be better than living in a town with no redeeming features.
Taking a deep breath, he steeled himself and loped up the four timber steps to the front door while eyeing the switchback ramp access off to the side. Ideal or not, he needed this job. With a hefty student loan, child support payments for his two teenage children, and parents needing financial help, he had no option but to stick it out until something better came along, whenever that might be.
At the top of the steps, he studied the church along the road, only recognisable as such because of the cross, a beacon high above the surrounding buildings.
Shouldn’t such a small town have an equally small, old-fashioned church? This construction was slick. He craned to see how far back it stretched. Wowsers. It seemed to be a community centre. Perhaps it was. How many churches had a basketball court out back?
Maybe the town wasn’t so sleepy after all.
And maybe God brought him here for a reason. A groan escaped. How many times had he argued with God about this, pleading with Him to release a position, any position, at the hospital where he’d trained, where he belonged, although a research scholarship was his preferred option? After all, that alone motivated him to sacrifice six years of his life, pulling eighteen-hour days, wearing himself thin. It even cost him his family.
At this point, any job in the hospital would have been acceptable.
But God had remained silent, and a hospital position hadn’t materialised.
To stifle a groan, Anthony huffed the air from his lungs. Okay, maybe that was a groan. Lord, I’m sorry for my attitude. Help me to be grateful for this job and to embrace this town You’ve brought me to. You know me better than I know myself, and You know what’s good for me, although I can’t help thinking You’ve made a mistake.
His shoulders drooped. There I go again. I’m sorry, Lord. Please help me understand why You’ve brought me here.
Adjusting his tie, he lifted his chin and stepped into the clinic’s empty waiting room.
A young dark-haired woman behind the reception desk looked up. “Hello. Can I help you?”
Anthony returned her smile. “Ah, yes. I have a meeting with Dr. Turner.”
With a frown, she peered into the computer monitor before turning back to him. “I’m sorry. I don’t seem to have any appointment booked. Could you tell me your name, please?”
He cleared his throat. “Anthony Petersen. Dr. Anthony Petersen.”
Her face pinked. “Oh. I’m so sorry. Dr Turner’s expecting you. Take a seat, and I’ll tell him you’re here.”
“No need, Emily.” An older man of medium height, his silver-rimmed glasses accentuating his greying hair and neatly clipped moustache, stood in the hall entrance. Dr. Turner. Stepping forward, he extended his hand. “Anthony, welcome to Water’s Edge.”

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  • Christian Romance
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  • Inspiring
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What Readers Say....

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "This writer NEVER disappoints!' The fragility of life, the depth of hurt and trauma that most people go through, is described in a way that you experience it with the character.The newness and joy, also the questions on the faith journey are all handled with so much insight, that it even answers or explains it with much clarity!" MT

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "One thing I have always loved about these books are that the author is not afraid to take on real life problems. The characters lives are not perfect. I can empathize with them and find myself thinking I’d like to be their friend." CRT reader

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "This is another great series from this author. She likes to write about "real" life. She is not one to shy away from hard subjects. And, one thing I really like about this author, is the faith that runs throughout the story. I highly recommend these books." Mary S